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Earl & Grace Productions is named after my grandparents who adopted my dad from foster care when he was 13. Taking in a scruffy, stinky 13-year-old with a back injury can’t have been easy for a couple living on small farm in Chippewa Falls, WI, but they did it without complaint, even as Earl recovered from his own war injuries.

Building on their kindness, dad put himself through pharmacy school and then medical school. He and a buddy then moved to California and built a medical practice and hospital in a poor community that had never had one. The butcher paid him in meat; the baker paid him in donuts.

Dad used to take me on rounds with him, where we’d go visit old ladies lying in bed with tubes everywhere. As he entered the room, dad would chirp, “Mrs. Johnson, were you tap dancing again? “Oh doctor!” they’d giggle with eyes lighting up like a Christmas tree.

What I learned from their example is that if you look for the good in people, you will surely find it.

Earl & Grace Productions is dedicated to bringing everyday heroes to light, with joy, humor and compassion.

Lori Hamilton
CEO Earl & Grace Productions